Filtering Email Display Names

Introduction In order to help people avoid being tricked about the sender of an email, from 2nd May 2017 we started filtering out the display name from email From: fields in email originating from outside the University. This measure is not being applied to email from UK academic sites and other trusted, well regulated email domains that … Continue reading “Filtering Email Display Names”

Bogus invoices from the University

We have had a lot of reports about fake invoices apparently sent from other members or departments in the University.  A new trick being deployed is to add an extra address in the from: field after the name but before the actual address in the from: field. This tries to trick people into downloading and … Continue reading “Bogus invoices from the University”

Majordomo Mailing Lists and Malicious Email – Advice for List Owners

We have had a lot of calls and emails from people concerned about a recent malicious email (fake DHL parcel notification – see The messages were sent mainly to Majordomo mailing lists, so many people received multiple copies.  It has become apparent that many list owners are not taking advantage of security features of … Continue reading “Majordomo Mailing Lists and Malicious Email – Advice for List Owners”

Malware in Fake DHL Parcel Notification

We have received numerous messages containing email claiming to be from DHL about a parcel. The messages ask you to download a “javascript report”.  Javascript is a language for writing programs and not the type of file that would contain a report.  This is in fact a javascript program that when run downloads other malicious … Continue reading “Malware in Fake DHL Parcel Notification”