Simulated Phishing Email of October 2023

On Tuesday 24 October, IT Security sent a number of staff a simulated phishing email claiming HR shared a file with you. The Subject was ‘Holiday Entitlement Changes’ available through SharePoint, and contained a link to a Word document called Holiday Entitlement Changes. If you tried to open that document you were asked for your … Continue reading “Simulated Phishing Email of October 2023”

Filtering Email Display Names

Introduction In order to help people avoid being tricked about the sender of an email, from 2nd May 2017 we started filtering out the display name from email From: fields in email originating from outside the University. This measure is not being applied to email from UK academic sites and other trusted, well regulated email domains that … Continue reading “Filtering Email Display Names”

Password Policy

People sometimes question why we have a policy that requires people to change their passwords every six months.   The question is often asked following publication of articles suggesting that abandoning password expiry should be considered.  This blog entry explains the current position which has recently been reviewed and accepted by ISSG, the University group responsible … Continue reading “Password Policy”