Phishing, Scams and Other Malicious email

Criminals are sending out millions of malicious emails every day.  Often these are trying to steal your personal details, including your banking information or your University login details.  Some might trick you into running malware on your phone, tablet, or computer. How do I spot these? Generally, if they look suspicious, they are.  If something … Continue reading “Phishing, Scams and Other Malicious email”

GDPR and Cloud-based Services

Formstack Security If you are using Formstack to collect and process personal data then you must ensure that the security options are enabled for each of your forms. This includes all three of: SSL – Secure Sockets Layer for the website. If enabled, the URL starts with “https://” and the browser displays a padlock symbol. … Continue reading “GDPR and Cloud-based Services”

Required Information Security Awareness Training

Announcement You have all seen the flood of recent phishing emails (as in fishing for passwords and other sensitive information) and other social engineering attacks aimed at people. These generally try to trick you into typing your password into some sort of false sign-on screen or download malicious software. Automated controls such as SPAM filters … Continue reading “Required Information Security Awareness Training”