Malicious email from Birmingham University account

The following are examples of phishing email sent from a Birmingham account that had been compromised.   If you look carefully at the content it should be clear that the messages are not genuine.  We think that the fact that it originated from within the University led some people to believe that it was real. … Continue reading “Malicious email from Birmingham University account”

Fake UKPC parking tickets

Amongst the other scams and phishing emails that are around, there is a fake email based parking ticket scam being sent to people nationally.  The email contains a fake parking ticket.  The email claims to be from UKPC and has a link that tries to trick you into downloading malware onto your PC. This has … Continue reading “Fake UKPC parking tickets”

Password Policy

People sometimes question why we have a policy that requires people to change their passwords every six months.   The question is often asked following publication of articles suggesting that abandoning password expiry should be considered.  This blog entry explains the current position which has recently been reviewed and accepted by ISSG, the University group responsible … Continue reading “Password Policy”