Fake Fax Notifications

There are a number of emails circulating claiming to have fax messages attached.  These contain word attachments which are infected with a macro virus.   The messages are all from genuine senders who have been infected with the virus. If you receive any messages with attachments which are unexpected, please delete them and do not attempt … Continue reading “Fake Fax Notifications”

Malware in Fake DHL Parcel Notification

We have received numerous messages containing email claiming to be from DHL about a parcel. The messages ask you to download a “javascript report”.  Javascript is a language for writing programs and not the type of file that would contain a report.  This is in fact a javascript program that when run downloads other malicious … Continue reading “Malware in Fake DHL Parcel Notification”

Fake Speeding Notifications

Quite a few fake speeding tickets have been sent to University members.  There have been variations of this type of email, all claiming to be from  Greater Manchester Police.  The link in this example led to a page inviting you to open a document and asked for your username and password.  Another very similar message … Continue reading “Fake Speeding Notifications”