Gift Card Scam

Quite a few people have reported a scam that is becoming common on campus and some have reported losing hundreds of pounds of their own money to scammers. Scammers are sending email from various external email accounts claiming to be from senior members of departments.  These are often highly targeted so that the person they … Continue reading “Gift Card Scam”

Blackmail Scam

We have been getting quite a few calls recently about messages trying to blackmail people.  They allege that the recipient has been viewing pornographic sites, malware has been installed on the recipient’s computer and they have compromising recordings of the recipient that will be sent to friends and colleagues. For example: To make the message … Continue reading “Blackmail Scam”

Fake UKPC parking tickets

Amongst the other scams and phishing emails that are around, there is a fake email based parking ticket scam being sent to people nationally.  The email contains a fake parking ticket.  The email claims to be from UKPC and has a link that tries to trick you into downloading malware onto your PC. This has … Continue reading “Fake UKPC parking tickets”