Increase in Phishing Attacks

We have had a lot of phishing attacks recently, many coming from University staff and student accounts that have given their username and password in response to an earlier attack. A lot of people are responding to these.  The wording varies, but all follow a very traditional pattern for phishing messages.  They include emails telling … Continue reading “Increase in Phishing Attacks”

Increase in Blackmail Scams (Sextortion)

We are getting more reports of sextortion scams, which are a type of blackmail. These look very similar to the ones highlighted in a previous blog article.  The method of operation and advice remain the same. Click here for the original article and advice on what top do if you have received one. We do … Continue reading “Increase in Blackmail Scams (Sextortion)”

Password Spray Attacks

The NCSC recently issued an advisory on password spray attacks.   The attacks are aimed at   health care organisations involved in the coronavirus response, including research.  The University is a potential target. In password spray attacks, attackers use a few easy to guess passwords and try them against multiple accounts.  Attacking in this way does not … Continue reading “Password Spray Attacks”

Covid variation of Gift Card Scam

Earlier this year we published an article on the Gift Card Scam. We have had a few reports of variations in this scam, tailored for the current Covid-19 crisis.  One example email started with the following. “Good morning Peter, I’m planning to surprise some of the staffs with gifts during this unprecedented health crises, your … Continue reading “Covid variation of Gift Card Scam”