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Achieving the scale of ambition…

Today was the launch of the West Midlands Combined Authority Skills and Productivity Commission call for evidence. The WMCA Productivity Leadership Group, led by Dr Andy Palmer and bringing together business leaders from across the LEPs, will ensure that WMCA plans to drive productivity are designed by and for local businesses. This group will be advised by experts from across the region and central government including senior leaders operating within the productivity and skills system as well as senior academics from across our Universities.

The Commission will develop Integrated Productivity and Skills Plans for each of the transformational sectors identified within the SEP, setting out detailed roadmaps to get us from where we are now to where we want to be. The Commission recognises the multiple and interconnected nature of the solutions to improving productivity and therefore wishes to test and prototype different approaches in understanding what works and what doesn’t, taking on constant feedback to allow appropriate action to be taken.

As part of the ambition for developing growth and productivity in the West Midlands, the Call for Evidence has been created to invite feedback and inform thinking on what is holding back the region in terms of productivity and skills and what the practical actions are that WMCA can take to address this.

Rebecca Riley at CityREDI has managed the rapid evidence review under the leadership of Prof Nigel Driffield at Warwick University, which has formed the basis of the call for evidence and can be found at the link below.

View the press release here:


View the call document and find out how to respond here:


View infographics for each of the key themes identified here:

Business Dynamics Infographic

Innovation Infographic

Growth and Productivity Infographic

Managerial Capacity Infographic

Investment Infographic

Skills Infographic


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