How to write a blog

The Birmingham Business School Blog gives you a platform to share your views and expertise on current affairs and issues surrounding your research.

Know your audience

Your audience are going to be other academics and the general public.


Choose a short, engaging title. This should summarise your blog and be appropriate for the audience.

The blog content

  • Max 500 – 600 words
  • Write the content in plain English – Keep external readers in mind so it isn’t too ‘wordy’ and is understandable by the average reader
  • Avoid using acronyms and academic terms or specific terminology that might not be well-known outside disciplinary circles.
  • Write an introduction: make the focus of your blogpost clear, give your readers a good narrative so they will want to continue reading
  • Use specific examples and perhaps link back to current events
  • Be concise, don’t repeat unnecessary information, think about what the audience needs to know to make your point
  • Be yourself, write in your own voice
  • Conclude your piece, include a summary of what you have discussed
  • Include pictures and images where possible. The Conversation is a good example of the tone and style of blogs we’re looking for. We may even pitch relevant blogs to be featured here too.

Submitting your blog

Submit your blog and any images to the College Communications team at, 

Advertising your blog

Blogs will be promoted through the College, University and Business School social media accounts as well as featured in the College and School newsletters. For maximum reach and engagement, we would also encourage you to share these on your own social media accounts. We will schedule them into our content plan and this may mean your blog may not be published for a few weeks. If your blog relates to a specific current affair or is related to an outside topic that is date dependent then please do let us know so that we are able to schedule accordingly.

If there are any particular stakeholders (such as charities, potentials funders, community groups) that you would like us to target, please let us know when submitting your blog so we can include this in the communications plan.

Please clearly state the title of the blog and whether you are happy for the Marketing and  Communications team to edit your blog e.g. grammar or structure.