The Hallmark of Change: Bride and Prejudice

By Dr Juliet E. Kele, Research Fellow In HRM Department of Marketing and Lloyds Centre for Responsible Business, University of Birmingham The US TV channel Hallmark, known for its family-friendly movies, has come under criticism for its decision to withdraw an advertisement for a wedding planning website featuring a same-sex couple. The company have since apologised … Continue reading “The Hallmark of Change: Bride and Prejudice”

Thinking about disability and leadership

By Dr John Gibney, Senior Fellow Department of Management, University of Birmingham It is a different idea – but the many uniquely authentic experience(s) of a ‘life disabled’ teach much about the meaning and practice of a ‘good’ life. People who live with, walk alongside, and navigate physical, learning and mental health disability have much … Continue reading “Thinking about disability and leadership”

Black Panther, More Than Just a Superhero Movie

By Dr Finola Kerrigan, Reader in Marketing and Consumption Department of Marketing, University of Birmingham Going forward, as the story of the Black Panther and the people of Wakanda develops it will be interesting to see how the balance between, defending borders and reaching out to help others plays out, as this concern mirrors contemporary … Continue reading “Black Panther, More Than Just a Superhero Movie”

Why Inclusivity Matters

Dr Holly Birkett and Professor Jo Duberley write for Birmingham Business Blog, in aid of National Inclusion Week, an annual campaign to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of inclusion. Diversity and inclusion at work are increasingly seen as both morally and economically desirable. But what do diversity and inclusion look like? Common definitions … Continue reading “Why Inclusivity Matters”

Why all the fuss? It’s about time, lord

“Twitter claimed that ‘a woman can’t be a Doctor’ and ‘it is not Nurse Who, but Doctor Who’” By Finola Kerrigan, Reader in Marketing and Consumption at Birmingham Business School Doctor Who fans waited with great excitement to find out who the thirteenth Doctor would be.  This long running, rebooted series has an inbuilt mechanism to … Continue reading “Why all the fuss? It’s about time, lord”