Engendered species: gender stereotypes becoming extinct?

By Dr Juliet Kele, Research Fellow In HRM  Department of Management, Birmingham Business School This month saw the introduction of new advertising laws, prompted by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in their review of gender stereotyping in adverts. Under these new rules, traditional gender-role stereotypes would not be completely banned, yet ‘harmful’ or ‘offensive’ depictions, … Continue reading “Engendered species: gender stereotypes becoming extinct?”

Would an electric car be right for you?

By Isabelle Szmigin, Professor of Marketing The Department of Marketing, Birmingham Business School About 3 years ago we started to drive a Tesla. At first I was sceptical; I thought this will not be powerful and more importantly how far will it go? But while it hasn’t changed my life, my view of electric cars … Continue reading “Would an electric car be right for you?”

Large food companies and the obesity crisis

By Dr Jane Glover, Research Fellow Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business, University of Birmingham Recently, there have been calls to curb the influence of ‘big food’ companies to help tackle obesity, and for political leaders to step up to make the food industry more responsible. Given the nature of the industry, are these … Continue reading “Large food companies and the obesity crisis”

Is it still safe to use Facebook?

By Dr Rosalind Jones, Lecturer in Marketing Department of Marketing, University of Birmingham Facebook needs to work on creating an improved alliance with outsourced companies or bring the work in-house, ensuring compliance for a better and safer world. A recent Channel 4 Dispatches program – Inside Facebook: Secrets of the Social Network – saw an undercover … Continue reading “Is it still safe to use Facebook?”

Fact or fake?

By Professor Mark Saunders, Professor of Business Research Methods, Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business Associate Department of Management, University of Birmingham Whilst most claims are based on good research, the increase of fake news means that it is important to look carefully rather than accept them at face value. When reading or watching … Continue reading “Fact or fake?”