Engendered species: gender stereotypes becoming extinct?

By Dr Juliet Kele, Research Fellow In HRM  Department of Management, Birmingham Business School This month saw the introduction of new advertising laws, prompted by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in their review of gender stereotyping in adverts. Under these new rules, traditional gender-role stereotypes would not be completely banned, yet ‘harmful’ or ‘offensive’ depictions, … Continue reading “Engendered species: gender stereotypes becoming extinct?”

Why all the fuss? It’s about time, lord

“Twitter claimed that ‘a woman can’t be a Doctor’ and ‘it is not Nurse Who, but Doctor Who’” By Finola Kerrigan, Reader in Marketing and Consumption at Birmingham Business School Doctor Who fans waited with great excitement to find out who the thirteenth Doctor would be.  This long running, rebooted series has an inbuilt mechanism to … Continue reading “Why all the fuss? It’s about time, lord”