The four-day working week: dream or nightmare?

By Stan Siebert, Professor of Labour Economics Department of Management  Imagine Joe, a carpenter in a small furniture-making business. Joe is paid by the hour, and often works overtime because he is paying off the mortgage. On top of his basic 38 hours, he puts in about 5 hours a week overtime, at time-and-a-half pay. … Continue reading “The four-day working week: dream or nightmare?”

U.S.-China trade war: which country is more resilient?

By Dr Kurt Yang Liu, Lecturer in Operations Management  Department of Management, Birmingham Business School As the trade war between the U.S. and China intensifies, one of the key questions to ask is how significant the damages would be to the world’s two largest economies if the trade tensions are prolonged. It is apparent that … Continue reading “U.S.-China trade war: which country is more resilient?”

It’s not a baptism of fire

By Dr Ufuk Gunes Bebek, Lecturer in Economics Department of Economics, University of Birmingham Long before the most recent slump in the lira, the Turkish economy had already begun to deteriorate President Erdogan’s senior advisor Yigit Bulut’s opening line in a recent column was “August 10th has gone down as Turkey’s financial 15th of July in … Continue reading “It’s not a baptism of fire”