Authors and Texts in the CLiC Corpora

Authors include, but are not limited to: Jane Austen; J. M. Barrie; Anne, Charlotte and Emily Brontë; Wilkie Collins; Charles Dickens; Arthur Conan Doyle; George Eliot; Elizabeth Gaskell; Charlotte Perkins Gilman; Thomas Hardy; Charles Kingsley; Beatrix Potter; Mary Shelley; Robert Louis Stevenson; Bram Stoker; H. G. Wells; and Oscar Wilde.  

The CLiC Corpora contains a variety of authors across the long nineteenth century. Below is a comprehensive list of all the texts available on the CLiC App. If you have suggestions for further texts do let us know! 

Anstey, F. (1882). Vice Versa, or, A Lesson to Fathers.

Anstey, F. (1900). The Brass Bottle

Austen, J. (1811). Sense and Sensibility.

Austen, J. (1813, January). Pride and Prejudice.

Austen, J. (1814). Mansfield Park.

Austen, J. (1815, December). Emma

Austen, J. (1817). Northanger Abbey.

Austen, J. (1818). Persuasion

Austen, J. (1871). Lady Susan.

Ballantyne, R. M. (1858). The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean.

Barrie, J. M. (1911). Peter Pan

Braddon, M. E. (1862, January). Lady Audley’s Secret

Brontë, A. (1848). The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Brontë, C. (1847, October). Jane Eyre

Brontë, C. (1849). Shirley.

Brontë, C. (1853). Villette.

Brontë, C. (1857). The Professor.

Brontë, E. (1847, December). Wuthering Heights.

Bulwer-Lytton, E. (1834). The Last Days of Pompeii

Burnett, F. H. (1911). The Secret Garden

Carroll, L. (1865). Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Carroll, L. (1871). Through the Looking-Glass.

Chesnutt, C. W. (1900). The House Behind the Cedars.

Chesnutt, C. W. (1901). The Marrow of Tradition.

Chesnutt, C. W. (1905). The Colonel’s Dream.

Chopin, K. (1899). The Awakening, and Selected Short Stories.

Collins, W. (1850, February). Antonina, or the Fall of Rome

Collins, W. (1859, November). The Woman in White.

Collins, W. (1864, November). Armadale

Collins, W. (1868). The Moonstone.

Conrad, J. (1899). Heart of Darkness

Crockett, S. R. (1897). The Surprising Adventures of Sir Toady Lion with Those of General Napoleon Smith

Dickens, C. (1837). The Pickwick Papers.

Dickens, C. (1839a). Nicholas Nickleby.

Dickens, C. (1839b). Oliver Twist.

Dickens, C. (1839c). Sketches by Boz, Illustrative of Every-Day Life and Every-Day People.

Dickens, C. (1841a). Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of ’Eighty

Dickens, C. (1841b). The Old Curiosity Shop.

Dickens, C. (1842). American Notes for General Circulation.

Dickens, C. (1843a). A Christmas Carol in Prose; Being a Ghost Story of Christmas.

Dickens, C. (1843b). Martin Chuzzlewit.

Dickens, C. (1845). Hard Times.

Dickens, C. (1846a). Dombey and Son.

Dickens, C. (1846b). Pictures from Italy.

Dickens, C. (1849). David Copperfield.

Dickens, C. (1852). Bleak House.

Dickens, C. (1855). Little Dorrit.

Dickens, C. (1859). A Tale of Two Cities.

 Dickens, C. (1861). Great Expectations.

Dickens, C. (1865). Our Mutual Friend.

Dickens, C. (1870). The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

Dickens, C. (1875). The Uncommercial Traveller.

Disraeli, B. (1826). Vivian Grey

Disraeli, B. (1845). Sybil, or the two nations.

Doyle, A. C. (1890). The Sign of the Four

Doyle, A. C. (1901, August). The Hound of the Baskervilles

Dunbar, P. L. (1902). The Sport of the Gods.

Eliot, G. (1860). The Mill on the Floss

Eliot, G. (1861). Silas Marner

Eliot, G. (1871). Middlemarch

Eliot, G. (1876). Daniel Deronda.

Ewing, J. H. G. (1869). Mrs. Overtheway’s Remembrances

Ewing, J. H. G. (1883). Jackanapes

Falkner, J. M. (1898). Moonfleet

Farrar, F. W. (1858). Eric; Or, Little by Little.

Farrow, G. E. (1898). Adventures in Wallypug-Land

Forster, E. M. (1908). A Room with a View.

Gaskell, E. C. (1848). Mary Barton

Gaskell, E. C. (1851, December). Cranford

Gaskell, E. C. (1855). North and South

Gilman, C. P. (1892). The Yellow Wallpaper.

Grahame, K. [K.]. (1895). The Golden Age

Grahame, K. [K.]. (1898). Dream Days.

Grahame, K. [Kenneth]. (1908). The Wind in the Willows.

Griggs, S. E. (1899). Imperium in Imperio: A Study of the Negro Race Problem: A Novel.

Griggs, S. E. (1902). Unfettered.

Haggard, H. R. (1885). King Solomon’s Mines.

Haggard, H. R. (1887). Allan Quatermain

Hardy, T. (1878, January). The Return of the Native

Hardy, T. (1892). Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

Hardy, T. (1896). Jude the Obscure

Harper, F. E. (1892). Iola Leroy, or Shadows Uplifted.

Henty, G. A. (1882). Winning His Spurs. A Tale of the Crusades

Henty, G. A. (1884). With Clive in India; Or, The Beginnings of an Empire

Hughes, T. (1857). Tom Brown’s Schooldays

Ingelow, J. (1869). Mopsa the Fairy

James, H. (1881a). The Portrait of a Lady — Volume 1.

James, H. (1881b). The Portrait of a Lady — Volume 2.

James, H. (1897). What Maisie Knew

Jefferies, R. (1881). Wood Magic, a Fable

Johnson, J. W. (1912). The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man.

Kingsley, C. [C.]. (1870). Madam How and Lady Why; Or, First Lessons in Earth Lore for Children

Kingsley, C. [Charles]. (1863). The Water-Babies.

Kipling, R. [R.]. (1899). Stalky and Co

Kipling, R. [Rudyard]. (1894). The Jungle Book.

Lang, A. (1889). Prince Prigio

Lawrence, D. H. (1920). Women in Love.

MacDonald, G. (1871). At the Back of the North Wind.

MacDonald, G. (1872). The Princess and the Goblin.

Mare, W. D. l. (1910). The Three Mulla-mulgars.

Marryat, F. [F.]. (1841). Masterman Ready; Or, The Wreck of the “Pacific”

Marryat, F. [F.]. (1844). The Settlers in Canada.

Marryat, F. [Frederick]. (1847). The Children of the New Forest.

Martineau, H. (1841a). Feats on the Fiord

Martineau, H. (1841b). The Crofton Boys

Martineau, H. (1841c). The Peasant and the Prince

Martineau, H. (1841d). The Settlers at Home.

Meade, L. T. (1886). A World of Girls: The Story of a School

Molesworth, N. M. (1877). The Cuckoo Clock

Molesworth, N. M. (1879). The Tapestry Room: A Child’s Romance

Molesworth, N. M. (1895). The Carved Lions

Nesbit, E. (1899a). The Book of Dragons

Nesbit, E. (1899b). The Story of the Treasure Seekers

Nesbit, E. (1901). Nine Unlikely Tales.  

Nesbit, E. (1905). The Railway Children.

Nesbit, E. (1906a). Five Children and It.

Nesbit, E. (1906b). The Story of the Amulet.

Northup, S. (1853). Twelve Years a Slave Narrative of Solomon Northup, a Citizen of New-York, Kidnapped in Washington City in 1841, and Rescued in 1853, from a Cotton Plantation near the Red River in Louisiana.

Potter, B. (1902). The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Potter, B. (1903). The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin.

Potter, B. (1904a). The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

Potter, B. (1904b). The Tale of Two Bad Mice.

Potter, B. (1908). The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck.

Potter, B. (1909). The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies.

Reed, T. B. (1887). The Fifth Form at Saint Dominic’s: A School Story

Ruskin, J. (1851). The King of the Golden River; or, the Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria. 

Sewell, A. (1877). Black Beauty

Shelley, M. W. (1818). Frankenstein

Sinclair, C. (1839). Holiday House: A Series of Tales.

Sinclair, U. (1906). The Jungle

Stevenson, R. L. [R. L.]. (1886). Kidnapped.

Stevenson, R. L. [Robert Louis]. (1883). Treasure Island (J. Boss, J. Hamm & D. Widger, Eds.). 

Stevenson, R. L. [Robert Louis]. (1886, January). The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Stoker, B. (1897, May). Dracula.

Stretton, H. (1867). Jessica’s First Prayer.

Stretton, H. (1868). Little Meg’s children

Stretton, H. (1869). Alone in London

Strickland, A. (1826). The Rival Crusoes; or The Shipwreck

Swift, J. (1726). Gulliver’s Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World.

Thackeray, W. M. [W. M.]. (1855). The Rose and the Ring

Thackeray, W. M. [William Makepeace]. (1847). Vanity Fair

Twain, M. (1884). Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Tytler, A. F. (1870). Leila at home

Wells, H. G. (1895). The Time Machine: An Invention

Wells, H. G. (1897). The War of the Worlds

West, R. (1918). The Return of the Soldier.

Wilde, O. (1888). The Happy Prince, and Other Tales.

Wilde, O. (1890, July). The Picture of Dorian Gray

Yonge, C. M. [C. M.]. (1853). The Heir of Redclyffe

Yonge, C. M. [C. M.]. (1856). The Daisy Chain, or Aspirations

Yonge, C. M. [C. M.]. (1866). The Dove in the Eagle’s Nest

Yonge, C. M. [Charlotte M.]. (1864). The Little Duke: Richard the Fearless

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