‘To Be Read at Dusk’: Ghost Hunting in the CLiC Corpora

Anya Eastman is a second-year Technê PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London. Anya’s work explores the memorialisation of Charles Dickens, George Eliot and Oscar Wilde, with an emphasis on heritage and material culture. In addition to her doctoral research Anya is the co-director of Royal Holloway’s Centre for Victorian Studies and she has been on placement at the Charles Dickens Museum, working as a research assistant on the upcoming exhibition ‘To be Read at Dusk: Dickens, Ghosts and the Supernatural’. In this post, Anya explores Dickens’s ghosts using the CLiC corpora and discusses her findings alongside plans for the museum’s exhibition.

20 July 2022 by

Bringing Dickens to the Stage. Part One: A Christmas Carol

In the anniversary week of Charles Dickens’s death, 150 years ago, we are delighted to present you a personal view of Charles Dickens by his great great grandson Gerald Dickens (@DickensShows on Twitter). This post is brought to you as part of the BMI Lockdown Life initiative, in collaboration with the Birmingham & Midland Institute. … Continue reading “Bringing Dickens to the Stage. Part One: A Christmas Carol”

10 June 2020 by

A Christmas Carol: A secular or religious text?

In this post, Mary Hind-Portley (@Lit_Liverbird) explains how she teaches Dickens’s Christmas Carol with a focus on its religious elements. The post is based on Mary’s remote CPD presentation and a previous blogpost for @LitdriveUK (https://litdrive.org.uk/). The full set of Mary’s slides shown throughout the post is available here [PDF, 6.1MB]. You can follow Mary … Continue reading “A Christmas Carol: A secular or religious text?”

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Finding links between the structure and themes of A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a popular text choice for students in GCSE English Literature Section B (see the AQA Lead Examiner’s Report 2017). No wonder then, that it is also one of the top texts in our CLiC 2.0 web app for which teachers request activities. In fact, two teachers have previously written guest blog … Continue reading “Finding links between the structure and themes of A Christmas Carol”

17 May 2019 by

What’s in a Word: Exam-ready with CLiC

Kat Howard (@SaysMiss on Twitter) is an English teacher at Brockington College, an 11-16 Secondary School in South Leicestershire. Previously undertaking roles such as Literacy Coordinator and overseeing KS3 Curriculum Planning and Assessment, Kat provided T&L training through the National College of Teaching and Leadership and has written resourcing content for a range of providers … Continue reading “What’s in a Word: Exam-ready with CLiC”

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CLiC in the classroom

Lorraine Adriano has taught in secondary schools in England and Italy. She was curriculum leader for KS3 and Head of Department, developing schemes of work and assessments. Lorraine now teaches English language and English literature  years 7-13 at Bishop Walsh Catholic Secondary School. She is an examiner for both English language and English literature at GSCE and is … Continue reading “CLiC in the classroom”

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