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CLiC guest post on the ‘Programming Historian’ blog about the ‘fireplace pose’ in 19th century fiction

We are very pleased to announce a CLiC guest post on the PH blog, the blog accompanying the widely popular Programming Historian (PH) digital tutorials. In our guest post, we explain how the KWICGrouper feature in CLiC can be used to explore textual patterns that are shared across novels and point to socially and culturally relevant behaviours and conventions.

Illustration of the fireplace pose in Dombey and Son, Chapter 51

The post is titled “Corpus Linguistics in Action: The Fireplace Pose in 19th Century Fiction”, because it discusses a case study of the so-called ‘fireplace pose’ in Dickens’s novels (which is also relevant to other 19th century fiction). We illustrate the pattern in concordance lines of Dickens’s novels and highlight the role of gender in relation to this type of body language in the cultural context of the 19th century.

We’d like to thank Jeri Wieringa of the PH project team for guiding us through the process of publishing this CLiC guest post on the PH blog. You can contribute to the PH yourself – not just to the blog, but also in the form of submitting lessons or acting as a reviewer:

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